How to secure your cooler

Cooler Cable Solution

Cooler Cable Solution

You spent a lot of money on your cooler that keeps ice frozen for weeks.  Don’t risk losing it to chance.

The Commando Cable Cooler Solution is the answer to the question, “why didn’t I think of that?!”  Two keyed alike locks (same key opens both locks).  The long shackle lock keeps your cooler closed.  The 8 foot cable lock secures your cooler from being moved.  Our patent pending solution a first in the industry!

The Commando Cable Cooler Solution incorporates our philosophy of being simple, secure and useful.  The 44mm padlock platform incorporates the identical high security you’ve come to expect in all Commando products with a 5 pin cylinder, ball locking mechanism and interlocked and riveted lock body for strongest lock construction.

8 feet of hardened aircraft cable is coated with a UV resistant durable nylon that resists cutting and won’t leave marks on your items while securing them.

The Commando cable design has low profile locking ends that are the same diameter as the cable.  This means your Commando cable lock can be used in more security situations than other cable locks.  The Commando Cable Cooler Solution fits all popular coolers with 5/16 inch hole designs.

Simple, Secure, Locksport Approved.  Made in USA with US and global components.

Summer sale at for just $44.99!

Commando 44PMC Black cooler cable solution

Commando Cable Cooler Solution

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