Commando Marine Grade Padlocks

These are quite possibly the best looking brass locks in the industry.  Commando Marine Grade locks are manufactured with the same exact tooling that produces all of our SolidbodyTek padlocks.  That means these are stronger than any other laminated brass lock, and even most solid body brass locks.

The smooth sweeping radius around the body of the lock does more than look great, it acts as a barrier against hammer blows to the ball locking mechanism.   When manufacturing our locks, we leave the material in the product instead of recycling it for profit.  The Commando 44 series of locks weigh almost 15% more than Master Lock and Brinks.     

Together with your choice of brass or boron alloy shackle, Commando brass locks are ready for the elements without sacrificing security.  Destructive tests show Commando locks to be about 40% stronger than the two leading US brands.

Most padlocks haven’t been improved in nearly 100 years.  Designed in 2010 for the US Navy, Commando Marine Grade locks are spark proof for munition depots, oil and gas fields and marine engine rooms.  Every civilian lock is hand polished and worthy of heirloom status.  We’re very proud of our new Marine Grade Commando locks and think you will be too.