The Marine environment is tough on your lock. The Commando Marine Series lock is manufactured to the same exacting tolerances as our Peacemaker series to create a stronger lock body with superior security standard. After 28 quality checks, Commando Marine locks are hand polished to look great guarding your yacht, dock box, personal watercraft, or ammo depot.

      • Available with spark-proof brass or boron alloy steel shackle that is 50% stronger than conventional case-hardened steel
      • SolidbodyTek interlocked and riveted brass plate construction for strongest padlock assembly
      • Chamfered rivet holes prohibit lock fracture by chiseling the rivet heads off
      • Dual hardened stainless steel ball locking mechanism defends against prying and hammer blows and can’t be shimmed or bypassed
      • Highly pick-resistant Commando high security 5 pin cylinder with anti-bump technology and up to 10 security pins is standard